28 things.

by notesfromjules

I should really add, “keeping up on your blog” to my list. But really, I need write more than I do. Thoughts come and go. And then they go. Far, far, away as a faint star in the night. I’ve been reflecting on my last 27 years of life. Things I have accomplished. And things I have yet to experience. Truly what a journey it has been. And the greatest part, it’s not over just yet. All the places I’ve lived, the people I have met along the way. Whether that be on an airplane or in a laundromat. I’m forever grateful for every day of it. Sometimes I find myself wishing the days away. To be done with work, to finish the run, to complete the project. That I completely miss it. I miss life. Or the people I’m with. Rather. I would call myself a dreamer. Hopeful. Thinking of what’s ahead. Dreaming of what, I’m not 100% sure. Maybe tomorrow it will be more clear. And if it’s not. That’s okay too. As long as I’m trying. And moving forward. That is what counts. To me, at least. Sometimes it’s good to stop. And reflect.

So, my birthday is coming up next month. I remember people saying birthdays get less fun as you get older. I’m believing to think they were on to something. But trying to be optimistic here. I’m still young at heart. I have been reflecting on life and what I’ve gained so far. I decided to come up with a list of 28 things. (I’m a list person, naturally.) Things that brought me to where I am today. Things that I’ve learned along the way. Most of them are simple. But true realities that I’ve either learned the hard way or have gained from trying. 28 things. At 28. (Almost).

1. Listen to the birds. Turn off the music every once in a while and tune in with nature.
2. Forgive others. It hurts you more than you think. Let it go.
3. Extend grace to yourself. You’re not perfect. And you never will be.
4. Realize it’s a journey. Not a destination.
5. Practice yoga. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how good you feel afterwards.
6. Save your pennies. Even the ones you find on the ground. Pick those up.
7. Travel often. The world really is your oyster.
8. Smile at a stranger. They might just turn into your best friend.
9. Laugh out loud. Everyday. It’s therapeutic.
10. Try something new. Even if you try it once. At least you tried.
11. Read books. Lots of them. Different genres. Keep learning.
12. Take baths.
13. Do a detox twice a year. Reset the mind, body, and soul. Your skin will love you.
14. Help others. Especially when it interferes with your schedule. It’s not always about us.
15. Put a stamp on it. Write long distance friends via snail mail. Who doesn’t love getting a note in the mail from someone they love.
16. Call your parents back. Even if it’s days later just for a minute. They will be glad that you did.
17. Take naps on Sunday. You’ll need that extra rest come Monday.
18. Read the newspaper. If anything, you’ll know the weather for the next week.
19. Add more veggies to your plate. You will thank yourself later.
20. Be thankful. We have so much. Yet. Find ourselves complaining a lot more than we should.
21. Read the Bible. Cover to cover. It’s truly full of great stories.
22. Sleep with the window open. Whenever you can. Fresh air is good for the soul.
23. Send yourself a postcard from far off destinations as a reminder of the beautiful memories you made.
24. Give the people you are with your undivided attention. Put the cellphone away for a few minutes. Don’t worry. Facebook, Instagram, and twitter will still be there later.
25. Get to know people not your age. They have insight and wisdom that you may not see. Whether they are 5 or 87.
26. Grow a garden. And support your local farmers. Herbs are an easy way to start.
27. Wear sunscreen. Even if you think you’re just getting a tan. And then you burn. Oops.
28. Remember what’s important in life. And never forget it.

I hope this inspires you to create your own list. And most of all, to remember what makes up the hours, minutes, and seconds of your life. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

With love,